Drilling And Completion Support

Our aim is to continue playing a vital role in meeting the energy needs of our esteemed clients. As an oil and gas service provider, we aim to provide affordable, yet reliable and efficient energy.

Ambasstech International Services Ltd also deals in upstream services for onshore and offshore projects, from drilling wells through to our production operations. Surveying and soil analysis technology, as well as sophisticated tools and the expertise of our professional engineers, allow our oil fields to function appropriately.

Our midstream activities are associated with the transportation and storage of hydrocarbons; downstream includes haulage, supply and trading of crude and petroleum products.


Remediation Services include:

  • Field Development Projects: Installation of Major structural modifications, Reinforcement of existing platform decks and inclusion of new deck extensions and Capacity upgrades to existing platform electrical, instrumentation, and support systems.
  • Wellhead Platform Revamp/Retrofit Projects: Repair/replace existing cellar, process, helicopter landing decks, Demolition & replace all process, utility, I&E systems and Installation of gas Lift/ Gas Injection Manifold Skid.
  • NDT specialist services, Vessel Inspection, Heavy lift vessel contracting, Valve Inspection and Servicing, Piping Inspection, Corrosion & Fabric Maintenance Services, Coating & CP Survey, Corrosion, Inspection Assessment & Analysis and Side Streaming Monitoring & Analysis.
  • Developing a Comprehensive Inspection Program, Carrying out Mitigation, Detection and Prevention of all forms of defects, Monitoring, Review & Analysis of pipeline inspection data, Pipeline Valves Maintenance and Repair, Risers Integrity Assessments, Pipeline Reinforcements and Leak Repair.
  • Offshore Installations & Industrial Installations, Structural Integrity Inspections, Flowlines & Risers Inspection, Fabric Maintenance using Rope Assess Specialist, Conventional & Advanced NDT Services.
  • Emergency (Break-in) Project: Ability to adapt PMT, procurement, and execution processes into “crisis” mode to help our clients respond to production, security, financial or environmental emergency.